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vent art ya kna

posted 1 day ago

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i work and then I try to do something i like only to be reminded that im absolute shit at everything so instead of being awake and frustrated i just go to sleep

posted 2 weeks ago

i literally cant do fucking anything 

posted 2 weeks ago


posted 2 months ago

everything I did for ma3laa’s twitch (and twitter)

posted 2 months ago

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early morning sleep deprived warm up requests?

early morning sleep deprived warm up requests.

maybe send asks?

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Make your dream garden.

~ ~ ~
It’s Flower Fest in my town.

And here’s a little detail shot ‘cause the reflection of the sun blocks them.

! ! ! holy shit

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posted 2 months ago

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posted 2 months ago

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in a committed relationship with drugs and religious imagery 

posted 2 months ago